Q: How does this work?

A: Its very simple. Order an estimate online, we send payment options via email. Afyer payment is confirmed, we send your bitcoin to your wallet.

Q: What are the fees?

A: Credit or Debit Cards are 25% & Bank transfers are 15%.

Q: Does Crypto.eu hold/store my bitcoin?

A: No never. After payment we send your bitcoin to the wallet address you provide after payment.

Q: What is the maximum & minimum spend?

A: Minimum card spend is 10€ & a maximum of 500€ including fees. Minimum spend for bank transfer is 100€ and unlimited maximum.

Q: Do we require any KYC?

A: NO. However regular or large orders over 5000€ will require KYC checks such as ID etc.

Q: Can I buy alternative coins (ALT's)?

A: No. We currently only support bitcoin.

Q: What is our email address?

A: [email protected]